Synthetic Vitamins, Why Risk your Health?

As I have mentioned before the only good thing to come from the pandemic is the change in the general public’s awareness of their health and how important it is to take care of it! As people, with all good intentions, shop for vitamins to promote good health, little do they know that 98% of the products on the shelves or on-line are synthetic, lab made.

I have also mentioned that you must maintain a strong immune system or no matter how many vaccines or boosters you take they will not keep you safe.  It is your responsibility to keep healthy so your immune system can do it’s amazing work.

Maintaining your health is a challenge! Exercise, hydration and feeding your body the nutrients it needs are the foundation for good health. Staying away from the things that can harm this foundation is also key.

Feed Your Body What it Needs

Organic non-GMO food is so important. Yes GMO has been around for eons but not for the same reasons as it is used today. Genetic engineering (GE) is now used so that the plant can handle more pesticide. Those pesticides are harmful to us and to microorganisms, worms and nutrients found in the soil. And what about bees and butterflies that help pollinate, they are being harmed also. You can’t grow nutritious plants from dead soil and you surly can’t grow plants without pollination. Guess who produces many GMO seeds? The same company that makes the pesticides, wow that’s a coincidence! If you don’t think that the pesticides are getting into your body when you eat GMO food, think again!

Synthetic Vitamins are Not Natural

Humans do not make anything as well as nature, nature knows best. Scientists screw things up for the sake of a buck, not caring if it’s good for you or not, as long as it’s cheaper to produce. That goes for vitamins as well. Synthetic vitamins are made in a lab, mostly in China because the process of making synthetics produces pollutants not allowed by the EPA here in the U.S.. They are cheap to make so the marketing companies (“vitamin companies”) can buy them cheap and make a killing.

Let’s hit some points on why synthetic vitamins are on shaky ground at best and could actually be harmful to you in the long run.

Remember anything marketed as “natural”, uses the word on the label, only has to be 10% natural ingredients, the other 90% can be synthetic or whatever.

Toxic Materials used to synthesize the molecule of a fake vitamin:

Coal tar– a known carcinogen also found in cigarettes. Used to make B1

Ammonia– Just in the air can cause blindness, lung damage and even death.

Formaldehyde– a highly toxic synthetic poison, possible carcinogen and can cause corrosive damage to gastrointestinal mucosa.

Trimethylhydroquinone- Harmful to the skin, eyes and respiratory system. Dangerous for the environment, very toxic to aquatic organisms and should not be released into the environment. Used to make synthetic vitamin E.

Isobutyraldehyde- A lung and skin irritant, highly flammable. Used in combination with formaldehyde in the production of synthetic B5 

Methanol- Poisonousfor human consumption and can effect central nervous system, cardiovascular and respiratory system. Used to make synthetic vitamin A

Benzene- Can affect cell function, reduced red blood cell production, damage the immune system and antibodies levels.

Cyanide– is a poison that blocks cells from getting oxygen. Long term, low dose exposure can cause problems with lung, heart and thyroid function.

Cow liver– mostly used as a source for B-12. The liver removes toxins from the blood so those toxins most likely end up in the vitamins. I’m sure most don’t use organic cow livers so who knows what pesticides are in the synthetic vitamin.

Nicotinic acid- is a pyridinemonocarboxylic acid and considered to be a drug. This is why synthetic B3 causes flushing, an uncomfortable tingling and redness of the skin

Most of Synthetic Vitamin Ingredients Come from the Same Companies

Most of the vitamin companies are marketing companies, they have nothing to do with the production or ingredients and could care less for your safety or health, it’s all about the buck. The majority of synthetic ingredients are made by a group of maybe 15 companies and most of them are from China, I think we have learned not to trust what comes from that country. So you may see one company with a label touting how great their product is while the bottle right next to it on the shelf has the same ingredients produced by the same company but is also saying how great they are. It’s all marketing BS!

Another odd occurrence, so many of the well known brands are being bought up by big pharma and other major companies! Doesn’t that sound a bit counterintuitive? Why would pharma companies buy companies that produce something that would keep people from getting sick? Wouldn’t that reduce their sales of pharmaceuticals or do they know something that the public doesn’t?  

What is Chiral? Why can it be Dangerous?

Now when the producers of these synthetic fake vitamins crank out their product they have no control of the form of the molecular structure. There are two forms called enantiomers, one that is found in nature and a mirror image of that form (chiral). The mirror form of the vitamin can have antagonistic effects on your health, at the least your body just expels it as a worthless chemical toxin.

To understand the differences between chiral molecules here are examples, the first  being non-toxic. Limonene is found in citrus peels and has two chiral enantiomers in nature. One enantiomer makes the peel smell and look like an orange and the mirror image molecule makes it smell and look like a lemon. That’s a pretty amazing difference.

Unfortunately another example of a mirror image (chiral) was found to be very toxic and very tragic. A pharma company back in the 50’s produced a drug called Thalidomide and was used as an effective sedative but then was prescribed to pregnant women for morning sickness with disastrous results of terrible infant birth defects. It was found that the drug molecule had a toxic chiral enantiomer and when the drug was produced it was included in the mix.

So my point here is that when synthetic vitamins are produced they will have the chiral enantiomer included, could be in the majority or in the minority but who knows. What effect does that chiral enantiomer have on your body and could it be causing long-term damage? Why subject yourself to that risk?

 Another problem, synthetic vitamin molecules are in a crystalline form. Crystalline formation is not found in nature and could possibly cause harm to your vascular system and possible mineral build up in joints. Another problem, why would you risk it?

Do Synthetic Vitamins Make it into Your Cells?

Your digestive tract absorbs nutrients mainly in your small intestines.  Most synthetic vitamins have coatings on them to make them easy to swallow, only the problem with that is your stomach acid might not break down that coating. If it doesn’t the tablet goes right on through out you hind end without being absorbed at all.

Your small intestine wall is the first line of defense and the first filter prior to nutrients entering your bloodstream. If your intestine wall is healthy it can filter and reject toxins that come along with your food.  If your intestine is not perfectly healthy it can allow toxins, including synthetic vitamins (chiral enantiomers), to slip through and into the vascular system.

Next up is the liver where it’s filter system scrutinizes what has made it into the blood.  It filters most toxins, including synthetic vitamins but still some of the synthetic vitamins get through on their way to the cells that require the nutrients. The liver can have problems with a toxic buildup because of the difficulty to process certain synthetics, especially B-6.

The final line of defense as well as where true nutrients cross the barrier, are the cell walls called the Plasma membrane.   It’s a double-layered wall that protects from toxins and only lets specific nutrients in through a process called endocytosis. The receptors at the membrane are very specific and won’t let toxins in like a synthetic chiral (mirror image) of a vitamin molecule. It is also questionable whether these receptors will allow a crystalline form of the vitamin molecule, synthetic not found in nature, to get through.

So if the synthetic vitamin is not crossing the cell wall barrier, what good is it doing and what harm could it be causing?

I Can Get Higher Potency With Synthetics?

Is higher potency better? Could the higher potency of synthetic fake vitamins be causing havoc to your body? So, when you take a synthetic vitamin we have discussed the problems that are of concern, now you multiply those concerns with mega high doses and you can expect the problems to be greater.

Mega doses of ascorbic acid (fake vitamin C) can throw your body out of homeostasis into a low ph (acidic) environment. A state of balance is important to all body functions.  Possible side effects could be drowsiness, lethargy, loss of sharpness because of the disruption of an enzyme that is ph dependent.  With this disruption the brain is unable to utilize glucose, needed for normal function. When an acidic environment is created by mega doses of ascorbic acid (synthetic vitamin C) your kidney is overworked trying to remove the acidity.

A study showed that if the correct enantiomer of ascorbic acid (the shell of the true vitamin) makes it past the cell membrane and in the case of an athlete it can adversely affect the mitochondria (power house of the cell) by disrupting the “biogenesis and antioxidant capacity in the cell”. This can affect performance and endurance.

So, when a doctor suggests mega doses of ascorbic acid it might work to fight a pathogen but not because of the actions of the vitamin but because of the creation of an acidic environment. What you must consider are the consequences of the side effects and the possible damage to your body.

The synthetic B vitamins are also suspect of antagonistic actions that might be causing more harm than good. For instance synthetic B6 in high doses can actually produce symptoms of a B6 deficiency, which can cause a person to take more producing a toxic build-up in the liver. Normally the liver converts the food sourced vitamin into pyridoxal-5’-phosphate. The majority of the synthetic form is not converted thus expelled through the urine or worst case causing toxic build-up. 

Why The Risk?

A hollow shell of a true vitamin, synthetics lack all of the powerful phytonutrients, enzymes and many cofactors that not only make the vitamin work but possess it’s own magnificent powers of health. Because of this the body depletes it’s own resources trying to make the shell viable and after a short while, by draining the needed co-factors, becomes a detriment not a benefit. 

You may hear from these synthetic marketing companies that their products make it  into the blood plasma or blood serum. Don’t be fooled this is just the fluid that is everything but the cells in your blood. It surrounds cells but is outside of the cells.  The fake vitamin has made it this far but has yet to cross the cell barrier into the cell where it will benefit your body. The cell membrane discriminates good from bad, a chiral enantiomer (synthetic vitamin) is bad and will be stopped from entering the cell.

Do the ingredients listed above that are used to make synthetic vitamins get into the final product and into your body? The majority of the synthetics are made in China, can you trust products coming from that country?  Can you trust the toxic procedure, that isn’t even allowed in the U.S., to rid the product of the toxins that could harm your body? Why the risk?

Synthetic vitamins are synonymous with GMO foods. They are sketchy at best or could cause irreparable harm. Dump synthetic vitamins and minerals!

There are a few companies out there that truly care about your health and produce plant sourced, naturally occurring vitamins. These companies will let you know on their label because we are a proud group and sacrifice the huge profits.

Mountain Rescue Nutrients would be honored to help with your health. If you don’t choose us please choose another company that produces Organic, plant-sourced, synthetic free vitamins!

Don’t Risk Your Health to the Uncertainty of Synthetic Vitamins! TM



Founder/Operating Member, Mountain Rescue Nutrients

Certified Nutrition Coach

Autoimmune Researcher,S)%2D%20smells%20like%20lemons.


Hydration, So Important

As a general rule the human body can only last for 2-3 days without water. So many functions in our body rely on hydration. Many things can go wrong the more dehydrated we become. As you can see below water is needed in all aspects of life.

Hydration/dehydration directly affects these body functions:

Regulation of body temperature


Saliva production

Mucus production

Body’s PH balance  

Lubricating joints and vertebrae

Brain function, the brain is 80% water.

Removal of toxins/waste

Oxygen transport

Nutrient delivery  

Blood circulation and volume  

One common misconception is that you don’t have to hydrate if you aren’t exercising.  Even one that is not active loses water from their body through breathing, urinating and even just sitting and reading a book. When you’re not exercising, instead of the blood being drawn to the muscles there will be more blood near the surface of the skin creating the opportunity for the moisture to escape through the skin.

Some say, “Just wait until you get thirsty”. By the time you get thirsty you have already lost 1-2% of your body’s water, started to lose blood volume making the heart pump harder, the osmolarity of your blood has changed because you have lost more water than sodium which signals the hypothalamus to trigger thirst. Even mild dehydration can affect concentration, alertness and short-term memory! Don’t wait, maintain!

A good indication of dehydration is your urine color. Dark urine is indication you are dehydrated!! Certain foods, pharmaceuticals or vitamins high in Riboflavin B2 (Like Mountain Rescue Nutrients) can cause your pee to change color.  Go here to understand more about the color.

How do you hydrate properly?  

As an easy way to make sure you are hydrated I refer to Dr. Brownstein’s suggestion to take your body weight, divide by 2 and that equals the total number of ounces of water you should drink daily. So I am 180 lbs. that means I should drink 90 ounces of water a day.  Make sure not to go overboard, you can drink too much water and deplete important minerals needed.

What should you drink?

Plain water is best. If you want some flavor add juice from organic raw fruit. Orange, lemon, lime, mango, pomegranate are some good suggestions.  You can also carbonate to give a little sparkle to the water. I use “Sodastream” to carbonate my “ClearlyFiltered” water then add a squeeze of juice. There is some thought that carbonated water can harm your tooth enamel. When water is carbonated the combination creates carbonic acid, which is a weak acid. The harm to your teeth is minimal. It’s when you add sugar to a carbonated drink, as in a soft drink, that harm is caused.  Sugar is another discussion for another day.

As you see, in this short piece, hydration is so important to staying healthy. Getting in the habit of keeping yourself hydrated will be well worth the effort. Keeping a water bottle with you during the day helps to remind you and will move you closer to your goal. As you get older it’s even more important as you may feel the effects of dehydration a great deal more. 

Enjoy the summer hydrated!!



Founder/ Managing Partner, Mountain Rescue Nutrients

Certified Nutrition Coach

Immune System Researcher


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WARNING: B7 (Biotin) can cause skewed thyroid blood-work numbers

Went in for my yearly physical this week that I haven’t been in for for almost 3 years, covid delay! 3 years ago there was an unusual count with my thyroid numbers. This was weird, I didn’t have any symptoms of thyroid problems. I reluctantly filled the thyroid hormone treatment prescription and started taking it but stopped. I do not like taking a synthetic hormone when I don’t  think I need to.  In no way am I suggesting that anyone stop taking any medication without talking with your doctor.

Well this time prior to going in for the blood draw I was told not to take B7 (biotin) for a week prior.  Hmmm what was this new warning?   I stopped taking my Mountain Rescue Nutrients’ multiple two full days before having my blood drawn. The results were all normal! I was psyched about that!!

The problem stems from an interference that Biotin causes with components of the analytical process and therefor skewing the results. Biotin does not cause an actual fluctuation of your thyroid hormones T3, T4 or your TSH (Thyroid specific hormone) but only can change the test results.

After having your blood drawn continue taking biotin whether prescribed by a caretaker or taking your daily multiple, preferably Mountain Rescue Nutrients’  organic plant-sourced non synthetic multiple.

Biotin is involved in supporting healthy hair, skin, and nails. It’s involved in the formation of enzymes important to metabolizing fats and amino acids for energy production and contributes to DNA replication and transcription.

Make sure to tell your caregiver prior to having your blood drawn that you are taking Biotin (B7) it could save you from a blood work numbers panic



Founder/Managing Partner of Mountain Rescue Nutrients, Certified Nutrition Coach, Immune System Researcher


“The Essentials of Nutrition and Coaching” 4th edition, Krista Scott-Dixon, John Berardi, Brian St. Pierre, Helen Kollias, Camille DePutter


Vail Veterans Program

Back in 2004 an energetic, caring person, Cheryl Jenson started a program for our worthy veterans that brings them to Vail to get acquainted or re-acquainted with the great outdoors. In doing so she has awakened so many of her guest’s spirit to what was and what can be again, a renewed love of the adventures of the great outdoors! Overcoming physical barriers and the barriers that the mind can put up can rejuvenate and ignite a new passion for life, family and self.

I am so lucky as are many people that are able to live in the mountains and to understand the energy that can be drawn from what is around us. The majestic surroundings, fresh air and the multitude of activities that are presented to us every day can never be taken for granted. The healing powers of mountain life is something that is hard to explain and it is so wonderful that Cheryl realized the great powers that could be introduced to our worthy warriors on their arduous journey of recovery.

The Vail Veterans Program has put together a group of professionals that address every aspect of recovery including winter and summer rehabilitative sports/activities, caregiver programs and family support programs. “There is a freedom in the mountains that can’t be found anywhere else. It invites us to abandon everyday boundaries and reconnect with our self-confidence and inner strength–and it’s the basis for everything we do”

I can only imagine the inner strength that can blossom inside these heros knowing that THEY CAN DO IT! Self confidence, knowing you don’t have to be excluded from activities and fun, building back family togetherness and lightheartedness, showing your family YOU STILL HAVE IT are just a few things that these veterans can gain from this wonderful program.

Please go to our website home page, scroll down to watch a video about Vail Veterans Program, it will touch your heart! Just click here to go to our homepage.

Until April 17th, 2022 Mountain Rescue Nutrients will donate $10 for every bottle of our C Complex Multi sold. The cost to bring a family to Vail for this event is $10,000. Please help get as close as we can to bringing a family here for this summer’s program.

Protecting and keeping your immune system strong is so important always! Our C Complex Multi is an organic plant sourced multiple vitamin. Please support the Vail Veterans Program and support your immune system at the same time. Thank you

Steve (Oly) Olson, Founder/Managing Member Mountain Rescue Nutrients


Natural Immunity in Action

I contracted the original Covid-19 in March 2021. My symptoms were a light cold but I did lose my sense of smell and taste, which had never happened before. My smell and taste returned within 3 days. Tests were not readily available at the time so did not test. Prior to a vacation in May 2021 I had blood drawn for an antibody test that was positive confirming that I had had Covid-19 and that I was now protected by natural immunity.

I am a 65 year old, did not get vaccinated because of previous infection but I do maintain a very healthy life style. I almost always eat non-processed organic foods including plenty of fruits and vegetables, take Mountain Rescue Nutrients C Complex Multi which is an organic plant-sourced multi vitamin and mineral, 12.5 mg of iodine/iodide and 100mg CoQ10 daily, exercise at least 4 days a week, skiing/hiking in the winter hiking in the summer. I am a firm believer in natural immunity and maintaining a strong immune system. Prior to contracting Covid-19 in March of 2021 I had not been sick, with even a cold, for 5 years. My natural immunity might not have kept me from getting Covid a second time but I believe it did keep me from getting seriously ill.

If I had not gotten Covid-19 in March of 2021 I would have seriously considered getting vaxed. I am so glad I did not have to make that decision. I am not suggesting in any way for anyone not to get the vaccine but instead talk with your doctor and make an informed decision. There is a great deal of information out there, it’s not all fake like many want you to think. If a study has been peer reviewed, published by a credible university, hospital or by a foreign government, you can count on it with high level of certainty. One exception would be if that foreign government is China, I would not trust anything that comes from that government, I believe they have been lying and withholding information since the beginning.

This is not a scientific study but just anecdotal evidence that could be strong evidence of natural immunity. At the end of each day’s rundown I give my opinion on how my immune system is reacting to the infection, in very general terms. Our immune system is a very complicated amazing mechanism to rid us of pathogens. Please go here ( to get an explanation of the parts of the immune system that are mentioned below.

In January 2022 this happened:

Day 1- developed a cough in the evening, nose/head congestion later that night, cough during sleep. I upped my intake of multi vitamin by 1.5 x normal by taking 1 more tablet before bed.  

Immune Response: The innate immune system kicks in with coughing, mucus build-up to try to clear the virus. Macrophage has started to find and engulf infected cells. Cytokines stimulate Natural Killer Cells to join the fight to attack the infected cells. The Innate Immune System might be getting overwhelmed and so the Dendritic Cells are off to find the specific T cells that have the memory of my first infection. The T Cells come to the aid of the NK Cells helping to destroy infected cells and also summon B cells to start binding to the antigens while a portion differentiate into plasma cells and start mass producing antibodies.

Day 2- Tested positive late morning. Took my increased intake of 2 tablets of Multi in the morning and 1 at night, Iodine/iodide and CoQ10. Nose congestion cleared during the day, head congestion persisted. Slight cough during sleep. Energy level down a little in the morning, I think it’s because of restless sleep. Energy level came up during the day.

Immune Response: The Innate and Adaptive systems are starting to get control of the viral invader. T Cells are mopping up by engulfing infected cells while the antibodies are controlling the spread by neutralizing the antigens of the virus.

Day 3- Energy level strong got outside for a walk, fresh air and sun, same regiment of supplements. Slight cough in the evening, head congestion lightened. Light coughing but no nose congestion during sleep, was able to get solid sleep.

Immune Response: Continues to clear the virus, antibody level is building to stop the spread.

Day 4- feeling good went skiing to get fresh air and sun, of course maintained 6 feet of distance from all persons, did not ride chair lifts with anyone and kept mask on at all times. My energy level was strong but didn’t push it. No congestion or cough during the day or during sleep

Immune response: antibodies have neutralized the virus, infected cells are still being cleared

Day 5- Tested positive (positive line was very faint) first thing but no symptoms this morning or throughout the day and evening.

Immune response: Clean up continues.

Day 6- Tested negative, going skiing, energy level is strong

I wish our government would have taken natural immunity seriously with covid-19 and studied it so we would have a more comprehensive understanding of it’s effects on Covid-19. Natural immunity has always been with us and the original vaccines for other diseases utilized our natural immunity to protect us. The vaccine this time was totally new, it manipulates our immune system, big difference!

I’m afraid that there is a perception that if you get the vaccine that it’s a cure all and there is no need to maintain a strong immune system by a healthy eating, exercise and rest regiments to keep it at full strength. If you do not keep your immune system strong no vaccine or natural immunity will protect you.

Please, if you are unable to feed yourself properly to maintain your immune system supplement with Mountain Rescue Nutrients or some other reliable plant based non synthetic multiple so your body has the essential nutrients needed. 

These Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult your caregiver prior to taking supplements

Cheers to staying healthy!

Steve (Oly) Olson

Managing Member

Mountain Rescue Nutrients

Certified Nutrition Coach


I am only posting the link to this article on Parler, I have very strong suspicions that my information distribution on social media has been reduced by the powers in charge. Since writing a piece on the immune system and how it can protect you from Covid-19 and questioning why the government has not explored every therapeutic available, the traffic to our vitamin company website has dropped dramatically. Maybe a conspiracy theory but traffic was pretty consistent for the last 7 years until the piece was published on our website and links published on FB & Twit.



The Hidden Healthy Power of Plants

The Hidden Healthy Power of Plants

Coming to light, finally, are an incredible set of nutrients found in plants that are becoming more understood as a powerful subset apart from the vitamins and minerals present in plants, having incredible bioactivity in our bodies enhancing the wellness we receive from eating plants or supplementing with plant based, naturally occurring, non synthetic vitamins. You will never find these powerful ingredients in synthetic vitamins or processed foods fortified with synthetic vitamins!

 The study of phytochemicals has become more intense over the last decade. Phytochemicals, which include polyphenols, are present in plants, grains, fruits, bark, roots, stems, flowers, tea, wine and vegetables. Flavonoids are natural polyphenols produced by plants that can be further categorized into anthocyanidins, flavanols, flavanones, flavonols, flavones, and isoflavones (4,5). The beneficial properties attributed to plant flavonoids include antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, anti-carcinogenic and free radical scavenging.

This is a highlight of a few of the multitude of phytonutrients. The sources highlighted are used in Mountain Rescue Nutrients:

Flavonoid: Kaempferoll (Flavonol)    

Source: Tea, moringa, spinach, kale, dill, chives, tarragon     

Benefits:  antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anticancer, cardio protective,  neuro protective,  antidiabetic, antiosteoporotic, estrogenic/antiestrogenic, anxiolytic, analgesic, and antiallergic activities, apoptosis programed cell death (1)

Flavonoid: Luteolin (Flavone)   

Source: Celery, parsley, broccoli, onion leaves, carrots, peppers, cabbages, apple skins, and chrysanthemum flowers

Benefits:anti-carcinogenic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory (1,2)

Flavonoid: Apigenin  (Flavone)

Source: parsley, chamomile, celery, vine-spinach, artichokes, and oregano

Benefits: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anticancer properties(6)

Flavonoid: Tangeretin (Flavone)               

Source: Peel of citrus fruits, orange

Benefits: Lowering cholesterol, anti-tumor activity and neuroprotective action(7)

Flavonoid: Nobiletin  (Flavone)  

Source: Citrus fruits, orange    

Benefits: neuroprotection, cardiovascular protection, antimetabolic disorder, anticancer, anti-inflammation, and antioxidation (8,9)

Flavonoid: Quercetin (Flavonol)

Source: Green tea, grapes, berries, tomatoes, onions, apples

Benefits: Antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, antioxidant(10,11)

As you see from this small sample of phytonutrients they have so many benefits that can’t be overlooked. As research continues more co-factors of vitamins, naturally occurring in plants will be discovered. With knowledge of their existence, understanding the power they have to improve your health, the importance of eating organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible should be clear. When you can’t eat properly, using responsibly sourced, organic plant-based vitamins as a supplement must be a priority.

Lets be clear here, 98% of vitamins on store shelves are synthetic, made in a lab, mostly from china, and will not contain any phytonutrients let alone the vitamins and minerals found in nature.

Processed foods are stripped of the natural nutrients including vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients making them hollow of any goodness. Food companies “fortify” the processed foods with synthetic vitamins trying to replace what they ravaged during processing. Don’t be fooled, the synthetic vitamins in no way replace natural ones that are contained in unprocessed fruits and vegetables.

When shopping grab for the colorful fruits and vegetables and some of your favorite herbs and legumes. Red wine even has phytonutrients so don’t be afraid of a nice glass with your meal.

Don’t destroy your health, immune system and your overall well being eating processed, nutrient negative foods! Feed your amazing bodies with the utmost care, you will feel a difference!

In the 30s & 40s Dr Royal Lee (father of holistic nutrition) understood the importance of these co-factors and the multiple molecules involved in the function of the whole vitamin. Dr. Lee believed the simple fact: “vitamins are not single chemicals, but rather they are complex groups of interdependent compounds that can be made only by living organisms. A true vitamin, Dr. Lee insisted, is a biological mechanism that can be obtained only from whole, unprocessed foods. This principle—that vitamins are the result of life and their functions are far too complex to be reproduced by human beings” (12)

“In nature a vitamin isn’t a single molecule but rather a part of a family of molecules” (12)

I’ll explore further the life of Dr Royal Lee in a future article.

At Mountain Rescue Nutrients we use only the finest nutrient packed organic plants and concentrate their goodness only using water.


Steve (Oly) Olson

Founder/Managing Partner Mountain Rescue Nutrients

Certified Nutrition Coach

Autoimmune Researcher



Recovery is Essential for a Strong Body, Mind and Immune System

It is so important to your body to allow it to recover from a stressful work out, work day or athletic adventure!  An athlete might feel invincible and that their immune system is just as invincible to any virus out there but without proper recovery anyone can leave themselves open to illness! How could that be? I’m in great shape!!

Lets get an overview of why it’s essential to let your body recover.

In a stressful situation or a hard workout your body, if allowed the proper recovery becomes stronger and adjusts so that you can take on more.  This type of stress is called eustress. When you are subjected to unrelenting stress at work or tough workouts without proper recovery your body can become distressed, having a detrimental effect on your immune system and your overall health.

During shorter workouts Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), the main provider of energy, is supplied from a limited amount in our bloodstream (approx. 5 seconds worth). Breaking down the phosphocreatine molecules adds another 5-10 seconds of energy.  As your workout is prolonged your body has to supply more ATP from another source. The glycogen (glucose storage) in your muscle and liver starts to be used along with limited breakdown of fat (triglycerides) to produce the energy needed. Glycogen in the muscle breaks down (glycogenolysis) releasing glucose to supply ATP to that muscle and the glycogen in the liver breaks down to generate ATP to be released into the blood stream for general use. This process will supply about another 90 seconds and a byproduct is hydrogen ions that make your muscles burn. To keep you going even longer enzymes break down muscle protein into amino acids that the liver uses to produce glucose (gluconeogenesis) for ATP.

Stress at work or life in general can act against your immune system. It can directly affect the function of the immune system but can also be detrimental to your health because of how you react to it. Looking at stress at work as a good thing or a challenge that you can improve and build off of will make your brain stronger for handling stress more efficiently later. Just like a stressful workout you must allow your brain to recover, with proper recovery your mind can become stronger and handle more stress in a healthy manner as you move forward. Fresh air, plenty of water, exercise and good nutrition are key. Doing an activity that you enjoy provides relief to an over worked mind. “Make Stress an Asset” is a mindset that can help you cope.

Stress can deplete glycogen in the brain and produce more of the stress hormone cortisol. Under normal amounts of stress cortisol helps you cope and diverts energies away from nonessential body functions. Under extreme or prolonged pressure cortisol can disrupt many body functions and cause problems with your sleep, compounding stress and interfering with the immune system. Your digestion may be disrupted causing a reduction in nutrient uptake at the time nutrients are so important. The lack of nutrients can lead to the depletion of glycogen in the brain reducing the energy for normal brain function increasing the chance of anxiety, depression and headaches. When the brain lacks glucose for energy, concentration, memory and overall sense of well-being can suffer.

What is needed to support a good recovery from mental and physical stress?

As an athlete or just one that maintains a good fit body it is so important to get enough carbohydrates in your diet, this is the main source used in producing your energy. Glucose comes from carbs, which is stored as glycogen in your muscles, liver and brain. When needed the process of breaking down glycogen back to glucose (glycogenolysis) is the most efficient way of producing ATP to give you the energy needed.


Carbs get a bad rap and might be thought of as just bread, potatoes and sugar. Choosing the right carbs can, not only supply the energy but many other life nourishing nutrients. Carbs contribute to recovery by rebuilding the glycogen in your muscles, liver and brain assuring the energy to function properly. It’s best to start replenishing within 2-3 hours after your workout. Good carbs come from certified organic unprocessed fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Some of the best carbs are:

Carb                                                   Added nutrients

Blueberries                     Vitamin C & K, manganese  

Bananas                          Fiber, vitamin C & B6, potassium, magnesium

Oat                                   Protein, B1, Manganese, phosphorus, copper, iron, zinc

Quinoa                             Manganese, phosphorus, B9, copper, iron

Sweet Potatoes               Beta carotene, vitamin C, B5, B6, potassium

Beets                                 B9, B6, C, magnesium, manganese, potassium, nitrate

Brown rice                        B1, B3, B6, protein, fiber                                         

Spaghetti squash             Vitamin C, B3, B6, potassium, manganese

Unsweetened yogurt        B12, calcium, magnesium, manganese

Carrots                               Beta carotene, Vitamin K, C, potassium, fiber

Broccoli                              Vitamin C, K, B9, potassium, iron, protein

B vitamins are involved in many of the energy transfer processes. Eating foods packed with B vitamins such as dark green leafy vegetables are so important when you are active at any level. They are also important in helping your ability to cope with stress. Under either condition your B vitamins are being used to supply energy. Good recovery includes supplying your body with B vitamins through food or supplementing with a good plant-based non synthetic B complex multi.


It’s important to have some fat in your diet. If your body has used up glycogen it then starts to use fat to produce energy. This process is slower but will supply the energy for extended needs. Once the fat supply has been used the body turns to protein to supply the energy needs. This protein can come from muscle tissue, putting more stress on muscles and breaking down muscle tissue. When protein is used for energy it can inhibit repair and rebuilding of the muscle tissue.

Not all fatty foods are bad. Get certified organic whenever possible.

Some good-for-you fatty foods:

Fatty Food                                                     Added nutrients

Avocado                                  vitamin C, B5, 6, 9, 12, vitamin K, calcium, potassium

Eggs                                        vitamin A, D, B2, 5, 12, fat, choline

Smoked Salmon                     omega 3, leucine, vitamins B3, 5, 6, 12, selenium

Almonds                                 vitamin E, manganese, magnesium

Macadamia nuts                    B1, 6, manganese, copper, magnesium, iron

Extra virgin olive oil              vitamin E, K

Grass fed Cheese                   vitamin A, B2, B12, calcium, zinc


With extended exercise and the lack of glucose and fat, muscle protein starts to breakdown, on top of that your muscles may get micro tears and as the exercise intensifies those micro tears may become larger and the breakdown of the muscle protein accelerates. With proper recovery the muscle tissue repairs and becomes stronger. Protein and the amino acids contained in protein function as the repair mechanism and with proper nutrients repair and muscle growth happens. For proper recovery you need to feed your body protein along with the right combination of carbs and fat within 2-4 hours after a workout. Whenever possible eat certified organic!

Good recovery protein foods:

Protein                                              Added nutrients

Salmon                       omega 3, leucine, vitamins B3, 5, 6, 12, selenium, potassium

Eggs                            vitamin A, D, B2, 5, 12, fat, choline

Chickpeas(hummus)  fiber, manganese, B1, 6, 9, copper, iron, zinc, phosphorus, selenium, potassium, carbs


Tempeh                      B2, 3, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium

Cottage cheese          B2, 6, 9, 12, selenium, calcium, choline, copper, zinc

Greek yogurt              calcium, magnesium, B12

Scallops                      B12, iron, calcium, omega 3, potassium, phosphorus

Chicken                      B3, B6, selenium, phosphorus, creatine

Red lean meat           iron, B3, B6, B12, zinc, selenium, phosphorus


During a workout or a bout of stress you lose water and minerals through sweat. Its important to hydrated before, during and after. Hydration facilitates muscle function, neural impulses, regulates body ph and maintains your mucus protection. Water helps your body remove toxins keeping them from building up and having a negative impact on your immune system. Dr. Brownstein’s (Natural Way to Health newsletter) suggestion on how much water to consume a day: Take your weight divide by 2, that equals how many ounces of water you should drink a day.


Last but certainly not least, getting the rest you need is so important. During sleep, Growth Hormone is released for muscle and bone healing and recovery, cytokines of the immune system are produced that are very important to communication within the adaptive immune system and muscles of the heart and lungs are allowed rest, recover and build so they can take on more next time. The brain is allowed to reenergize, remove toxins and reorganize for greater efficiency and clear thinking.

Our body’s production of energy is a fascinating and complicated process. Even more amazing is the way our body recovers from physical and mental stress. I have presented a broad perspective of both processes and how you can support them for a stronger more resilient body. Finding a formula that works best for you is an ongoing endeavor.  Being in touch with what your body is telling you is key to making adjustments to get to where you want to be! Cheers to the journey to the best you!!!

If unable to feed yourself properly, fill the gaps with a great, organic plant-based, non-synthetic multiple vitamin

Steve (Oly) Olson

Managing Partner/Founder Mountain Rescue Nutrients

Certified Nutrition Coach

30+ years of Immune System research


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What is Going On? Why do the “Authorities” Ignore Natural Immunity & Therapeutics?

With all the reports out there it’s very hard to find one that promotes the natural immunity a person gets when they have had covid-19.  Why suppress information about the amazing work that our immune system performs after being exposed to any pathogen (i.e. Covid-19)?  Why be scientifically ignorant to therapeutics that work?

Natural Immunity Protection

The latest information coming out of Israel (1) is showing that natural immunity, from previously Covid-19 infected people, is more robust and is protecting these individuals better than those given the vaccine. reported on July 13, 2021 that out of 7,700 new infections reported since May, 2021 that 59% of those were in people that had not had Covid-19 and were not vaccinated. 40% of the infections were in people that had been fully vaccinated and just a mere 1% occurred in people that were unvaccinated but had had the Covid-19 infection before (natural immunity).  That is pretty strong indication that natural immunity is powerful and protecting people from re-infection.  Studies out of the UK and multiple other countries mirrored the Israel study and recent natural immunity data is trending the same direction. (8)

Our immune system’s memory is behind this protection (2,5,6) and it’s ability to recognize multiple parts of the Covid-19 virus is giving natural immunity the edge over the vaccine that is directed at only one part, the spike protein (2,9).  

Many talk that antibodies from Covid-19 infection go away after a few months but in this study (6) it shows that yes they decline but then maintain a lower level for quick response to re-infection.

Does Natural Immunity Last

This study (7) builds a case that the natural immunity is long lasting with coronavirus. The study showed that the immune system’s memory T cells were still with those people who had recovered from the 2003 outbreak of SARS (SARS-CoV), a close relative to SARS-CoV2, 17 years later. This is good news for the durability of the immune system to a virus in the same coronavirus family as the SARS-CoV2 that causes Covid-19. Good probability that the protective memory T cells from Covid-19 will stay with us for years, as did the SARS’ T cells.

Public Health’s Real Disaster, Loss of Credibility!

Full disclosure of risks and benefits alike must be given to us. The loss of public trust in our public health officials could have extreme detrimental effects going forward.

Back when I took my kids in for their childhood vaccinations, there was a choice of a live-virus type vaccination or a dead-virus type vaccination. The nurse would explain the risk of the live virus vaccination, say a 1 in 1,000,000 chance of causing the virus in my child or 0 chance using the dead vaccine. I would always, always opt for the ZERO chance of my child getting the virus from the vaccination.

The difference today, and this vaccine, is we are getting very little explanation and information of the possible bad side effects.  Most bad news about the vaccine is suppressed so we are not given the choice. That is scary, it is a “just shut up and take the jab” attitude. On top of that our confidence in public health officials is being irreparably damaged because of their poor decision not to recognize natural immunity and the protection it gives someone that has been infected with Covid-19. Now that we are seeing that the vaccine is losing some of it’s protection, what are we to think? What is shameful is that the government agencies are not collecting data on all aspects of the vaccine, good and bad, making it hard to make adjustments to the vaccine in future batches.(16) They have decided to only track people that test positive that are hospitalized. They are blowing off all the information they could gain with just a few questions of all people that test positive whether hospitalized or not.

Public health has also taken a big hit to their credibility because of their negligence in the lack of studies, over the last year, whether or not masks work, if they could actually cause harm and ignoring all of the positive studies (10,11,12) that are concluding that Ivermectin and other therapeutics are reducing hospitalizations and deaths.  

Why be Scientifically Ignorant?

Public health authorities should be studying all treatments to fight Covid especially now that not all people have been fully vaccinated and those that have are getting re-infected! The FDA has turned a blind eye to all of the evidence(14), 63 Studies of which 44 are peer-reviewed, 31 randomized controlled trials, 613 scientists and 26,398 patients, that say Ivermectin is working to fight Covid-19. It has been discovered to have “highly potent anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties against Covid-19.”(14) It is not just an anti-parasitic as the media wants you to believe.

Do the large pharmaceutical companies really have that much control over the FDA, mainstream media and our representatives in government? Are they prioritizing profits over the health of this world? Who is being paid off to continue the BS? Is the mainstream media going to take responsibility for the lives that could have been saved with Ivermectin because of their propaganda to continue a narrative? Doubtful!! Ivermectin has been used for decades to treat humans, it is safe!  3.7 billion doses of Ivermectin have been given to humans over 4 decades. Wake up and do your homework news media! I stand with Matt Walsh and Michael Capuzzo, true journalists that do their homework to get to the truth and are not afraid to stand up against tech giants and the mainstream media. They have brought to light the great work of Dr. Marik that has been ignored. (13)

Don’t be Lazy, Keep Yourself Healthy

Are people counting on the vaccine or natural immunity to keep them healthy and safe? Let me be clear, whether you have had the vaccine or have natural immunity (had Covid) it’s only as good as the strength of your immune system. If people aren’t taking care of themselves, keeping their immune system strong through eating right (15), exercising or supplementing when necessary, then no shot or natural immunity will keep them safe from the threat of Covid-19 and its multitude of variants.

I invite any comments, if you are presenting an argument come prepared with documentation to back it up!

Cheers, stay healthy!


Founder Mountain Rescue Nutrients

Certified Precision Nutrition Coach

Autoimmune researcher

Mountain Rescue Nutrients produces organic plant-based, non-synthetic vitamins
















15) “Don’t Let Your Guard Down” a guide to keeping your immune system strong



Our Amazing Immune System, what parts of it could keep us safe from COVID-19.

Our immune system has the amazing ability to remember a pathogen (virus) that has made you sick. If you had Covid-19 your immune system has adapted so it recognizes the SARS-CoV-2 if it enters your body in the future. This incredible ability is part of your adaptive immune system.

In this article I will explain the key components of the immune system’s defense and memory and also what research is showing to be promising for the longevity of our immunity to Covid-19 for both, those that have gotten the vaccine or those that contracted COVID-19 and recovered. It’s looks promising that our immunity could last for years or maybe your lifetime!

Some key components:

Pathogen– a virus, bacteria, fungus or chemical that is foreign to our body

Antigen– molecules on the outside of a pathogen that are specific to that pathogen that our immune system can recognize. 

Innate Immune system– Our first line of defense against a pathogen invader. Skin, mucus, cough reflex, stomach acid, defense cells including Macrophage, NK , Dendritic

Macrophage– Large cells that circulate in the blood looking for pathogens. When found the Macrophage is able to engulf the pathogen and turn it into harmless waste. It also secretes cytokines that stimulate NK cells and Dendritic cells that seek out and sound the alarm to activate B cells and T cells

NK Cells– Natural Killer (NK) cells are white blood cells that are on the front line of our defense. NK cells engulf cells that have become infected by a pathogen, containing it until T cells specific to the pathogen/antigen dispose of the infected cell and the pathogen inside.

Dendritic cells– The messenger that seeks out the T and B cells and activates their  line of defense 

Adaptive Immune system– When the Innate system starts to get overcome the adaptive comes to the fight with a highly specialized set of cells and mechanisms. This is the part of our immune systems that has the “memory” and is ready to fight if it detects the same pathogen in the future.

Antibodies– part of the adaptive immune system, these proteins bind to an antigen marking the pathogen for destruction through multiple mechanisms.  

T Cells– Part of your adaptive immune system. Their job is to target specific pathogens and latch on to it’s antigens. The T cell also signals the B cells to activate and differentiate into plasma cells that start making antibodies in mass quantities that circulate looking for the pathogen. They are a very important part of the immune system’s memory mechanism.

B Cells– One type of B cell live in the bone marrow and holds the memory of past pathogens. It recognizes antigens from previous infections and will bind to the antigen. Some B cells become plasma cells that produce huge quantities of antibodies that are specific to the pathogen that is invading. The memory B cells  stay with us and recognize a pathogen from the past and are activated when that pathogen is seen again.

A simplistic view of how our immune system works when a pathogen appears or reappears:

Macrophages circulate through our blood in search of a pathogen. When a pathogen, new or reoccurring is found, the Macrophage engulfs it and through Phagocytosis breaks down the pathogen into harmless waste. If the assault of the pathogens is small the Macrophage cells end the infection there but if the assault is too great for the Macrophage defense the Macrophage send out signals in the form of cytokines that activate many reinforcements. NK cells are activated to contain and destroy our infected cells, the brain is signaled to create a fever, Dendritic cells go in search of the specific B and T cells to come to the fight and boom the adaptive immune system goes into a full frontal attack!

There are two types of T cells that kick in, one that produces B cells and another that helps and takes over for the NK cells in destroying infected cells. The T cells that were found and signaled by the dendritic cells are ones that have seen the pathogen before and their attack is highly specific to that pathogen (i.e. Covid-19).

The B cells have antibodies on their surface specific, once again, to the pathogen that is invading. Some of the B cells differentiate to plasma cells that produce mass quantities of antibodies specific to the antigens that are on the surface of the pathogen reeking havoc on the pathogen’s functions rendering the virus incapable of spreading and ready for destruction.

Other B cells differentiate into Memory cells that hide out in our bone marrow to fight another day if and when the pathogen returns.

It is the important memory cells, produced naturally or through a vaccine, of our fantastic immune system that will continue to protect us from severe illness. Yes you may contract Covid-19 and it’s variants again but it’s the B and T cells that will kick in and hopefully keep you out of the hospital.

Research (14) has been conducted and has demonstrated that those that have been vaccinated as well as those who have had COVID-19 (no shot) have similar protection from an occurrence or reoccurrence of the COVID-19 illness.  The bright spot is that these protections for both groups could be long lived!

Antibodies that are produced by our immune system to fight the pathogen may reduce in numbers over time after the infection, but this research shows that they don’t completely go away and may hold steady at a lower level ready to elevate their game at a moments notice. The B cells and T cells stay with us after the infection or vaccine. The B and T cells lie in wait in different parts of the circulatory system waiting for the alert of the pathogen’s return in the body. It is these memory cells that spring into action quickly to produce antibodies and fight off any recurrence of the pathogen.

In studies (7) conducted in Israel, involving a large number of participants, and at the Cleveland Clinic (8) involving a smaller sample group but still significant, it was studied to try to determine, because of shortages of the vaccine at the time, if people that had had COVID-19 needed to be given the vaccine. The numbers showed that the protection provided by the natural immunity of individuals that had had COVID-19 was as robust as that provided by the vaccine in the Israeli study. In the Cleveland Clinic study not one (0) of the previously infected were re-infected during the course of the study.

Unfortunately we will never rid the world of this nasty virus but through vaccine and natural immunity we will control it. With the use of some therapeutic medicines and maintaining a healthy immune system we will manage this and move on to life as the new normal.

Stay healthy, eat well, exercise and supplement when necessary with a non-synthetic plant-based multi vitamin like that produced by Mountain Rescue Nutrients!

Keep your immune system strong!

Yours truly,



Founder/Managing Member

Mountain Rescue Nutrients

Certified Precision Nutrition Coach







6 Krista Scorr-Dixon, PhD; John Berardi, PhD, CSCS; Brian St. Pierre, MS, RD, CSCS; Helen Kollias, PhD, CSCS; Camille DePutter “The ESSENTIALS of NUTRITION and Coaching”, Unit 2, Fourth Edition, Precision Nutrition, Inc., 2019

7 “Protection of previous SARS-CoV-2 infection is similar to that of BNT162b2 vaccine protection: A three-month nationwide experience from Israel”







PS; A new study just out from Israel is showing that the Pfizer vaccine is less effective at preventing a re-infection of COVID-19 delta but it is protecting from severe cases and hospitalization. This could be evidence of the sustained protection by the T and B cells. The study also showed that those with natural immunity have maintained a robust level of protection.


Riboflavin B2 What does it do?

What is critical is that B2 as with B vitamins in general are water soluble and are not stored, or in very small amounts, in our bodies. When you ingest foods or supplements containing B2 they are put to use right away or they are excreted through our pee (urine). So to maintain enough B2 you must eat foods containing it or supplement with a organic plant-based multiple like Mountain Rescue Nutrients’ B Complex Multi.

Riboflavin is so important to many functions in our bodies, here’s a few:
– It’s involved in the breakdown of carbohydrates, fats and protein to supply energy to cells throughout the body. In this process ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is produced, the “energy currency” of every cell in our bodies. It is how energy is stored for use when needed.
– Assists enzymes with the growth of cells, importantly the production of red blood cells. Red blood cells are transporters of oxygen throughout the body.
– Involved in metabolizing purine, a crystalline compound that can build up in joints causing gout
– Helps to maintain mucus membranes in the GI tract
– Is a regulator of collagen, important in the maintenance of skin, hair, nails and bones
– Regulates levels of homocysteine in the blood. When homocysteine builds up in the blood it can restrict free blood flow
– Assists B3 and B6 in their functions

Foods that contain Riboflavin:
Fish, lean meats, eggs, dairy, asparagus, artichoke, avocado, kelp, mushrooms, almonds, parsley, spinach, broccoli, shrimp.

As you see riboflavin is in many common everyday foods. If you are eating right you should have no problem getting enough B2. If you are not eating well or eating processed, fast foods you are prime for supplementing.
Mountain Rescue Nutrients produces an organic B Complex Multi. The sources of our B2 are Spinach, Moringa leaf, curry leaf, parsley leaf, basil leaf, Shiitake mushroom, green tea leaf, amla fruit, Orange fruit and peel.
Our B Complex Multi has a high concentration of B2 Riboflavin and because Riboflavin is in so many foods you might experience bright yellow urine. Don’t be alarmed it means that your body has had enough and is just getting rid of the excess, it’s actually kind of funny looking.


Steve (Oly) Olson
Founder of Mountain Rescue Nutrients

Certified Precision Nutrition Coach


Krista Scott-Dixon, PhD; John Berardi, PhD, CSCS; Brian St. Pierre, MS, RD, CSCS; Helen Kollias, PhD, CSCS; Camille DePutter “The Essentials of Nutrition and Coaching” Unit 2 “The Science of Nutrition”