I Love Cheese, Does it Love You

Beware of the Cheese

If you are not drinking Organic Milk and eating Organic Cheese you should START NOW!!!
Many of the non-organic milk industry farmers use hormones (rBGH)(rBST) that they inject in their cows to increase milk production. With no thought for the safety of their customers but only increasing production and profits these hormones get into the milk that the cows produce and therefore into the cheese that we eat!

If you are a mother, did you ever drink alcohol and then breast feed? NO!! My wife used the old pump and dump on those occasional nights that she had a few cocktails. She did it because she knew that the milk would be tainted by the alcohol. Well, where do you think the hormones that are injected in the cows go?

rBGH and rBST are genetically modified artificial hormones that are modeled after the natural growth hormone in cows. Guess who manufactured these highly controversial and scientifically protested hormones!! Monsanto!! Pushed through the FDA approval system and approved on the basis of one single 90 day study, administered by Monsanto, these hormones were approved in 1993 under the brand name Prosilac. Soon after, a long list of countries questioned the study and have since banned Prosilac, sighting concern for human and animal health. Why are Recombinant bovine growth hormone(rBGH) and Recombinant bovine somatotropin(rBST) still used in the United States? Because big companies have a lot of money that lines the pockets of politicians!!

The use of these hormones have been linked to increased illness in the cows injected. The most disturbing of these illnesses is Mastitis. Mastitis is a bacterial infection causing swelling of the udder and release of pus and blood into the milk, you have got to be kidding me, that is disgusting!!! To combat Mastitis they use antibiotics!!! Guess where the antibiotics end up, the milk, in you!!!

I know that the increased cost of organic milk and cheese can be prohibitive. At the least try to buy milk and cheese that is made by producers that do not use rBGH and rBST.

Here is a sample list of safe non rBGH rBST producers:

Kroger (City Market, King Soopers, Smith’s, Fred Meyer, Ralphs) Kroger Store Brand
Costco Kirkland Signature
Target Archer Farm
Whole Foods 365
Bravo Farms
Rogue Creamery
Trader Joe’s
Oregon Gourmet
Willamette Valley
Any cheese from Canada
Any cheese from countries of the European Union

SAY NO to rBGH, rBST and of course to Synthetic Vitamins!!